By C. S. Lewis,

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The second novel in Lewis's science fiction trilogy tells of Dr Ransom's voyage to the planet of Perelandra (Venus).

In the second novel in C.S. Lewis's classic science fiction trilogy, Dr Ransom is called to the paradise planet of Perelandra, or Venus, which turns out to be a beautiful Eden-like…

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Overall, I’m more a fan of The Narnia Chronicles, but Lewis’ lesser-known Space Trilogy is also very good, with many of the same themes of ancient evil versus ageless good. Perelandra, the second in the trilogy, is self-contained and doesn’t really require the other books

In Perelandra, Lewis re-imagines our entire solar system, filling it with massive numbers of amazing creatures. The eldila, angelic beings that guard planets and their denizens, send the human protagonist, Dr. Ransom, on a mission to save Perelandra, the world we call Venus. Perelandra is in a kind of primeval Eden-type…

C S Lewis is best known as the author of the Narnia books, but he wrote all kinds of books, including a science fiction trilogy of which Perelandra is the second (but freestanding) book. Elwin Ransom is summoned to a largely ocean-covered Venus, to take part in an epic struggle between good and evil.  Venus has its own Adam and Eve, who have not yet succumbed to temptation as Adam and Eve did on Earth, and Ransom’s task is to save them from the evil Professor Weston who has arrived on the planet with an agenda of his own. 


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The Festival of Sin: and other tales of fantasy

By J M Unrue,

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J M Unrue

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What is my book about?

Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Five stories plus a bonus novel, all dealing with people who must overcome 'supernatural' circumstances--things well beyond the realm of common understanding. More than fish-out-of-water. Fish-on-another-planet.

The Festival of Sin: and other tales of fantasy

By J M Unrue,

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