Pearl Harbor

By Roberta Wohlstetter,

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For decades the controversy has raged: Was the Pearl Harbor disaster a result of criminal negligence by military officers in the Pacific theater? Was it, as some have claimed, a deliberate plot by the President in Washington?

It seems unlikely that a country could have so many warnings pointing to…

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Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision is the baseline for researchers interested in the story of early cryptology and why the surprise attack happened at Pearl Harbor. She reveals who knew what, when, and exposes the disasters reaped by hubris and uncoordinated intelligence often quoting original communiques and cables.

In this book, Roberta Wohlstetter, a military intelligence analyst at the RAND Corporation, tries to explain why American intelligence services failed to predict the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. The book homes in on the many missed signals that, at least in retrospect, should have been given greater attention.  Wohlstetter’s findings are a testament to the subjective factors that can affect military analysis. The book won the prestigious Bancroft Prize for History in 1963.

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