Only Love is Real

By Brian L. Weiss,

Book cover of Only Love is Real: The Story of Soulmates Reunited

Book description

A "beautiful and sensitive" tale of true love that transcends time, from the multi-million bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters (Gary Zukav, author of Seat of the Soul). Recommended by Kendall Jenner.

In Many Lives, Many Masters, a skeptical Dr. Brian Weiss found his life changed profoundly after curing…

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Why read it?

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This book provides a relationship example of two individuals who find each other in this life, given a history of past lives. It highlights the real possibility of finding someone with whom you have been connected in a past life and the cues and clues that can be used to signal such an intimate connection.

Reading this book will assist the reader in understanding those cues and clues to recognize the past-life connections that all of us have in this lifetime.

From Ellenmorris' list on past life regression.

This is the book that sent me into the deep dive of past lives and past life regression therapy. It’s the one that kick-started my absolute passion for the subject matter and had me in tears through the pages. It was not the first book on past lives that I read but it was the most impactful.

It awakened a deep sense of interconnectedness within me. Through the captivating stories of past-life regression, Weiss beautifully demonstrates the power of love and its transformative potential. It fills my heart with hope, acceptance, and a profound understanding of the eternal nature of…

From Claudia's list on past lives that will help you heal.

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