Noctifer Magick

By G.R. Loreweaver,

Book cover of Noctifer Magick

Book description

Saving the world would be so much easier without two left feet…

When her magick returns, Forsythia must face the creature that killed her mother. Fortunately, a yummy monster hunter offers to help. Too bad she got off on the wrong foot by breaking his nose…

The most powerful witch…

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I love Chosen One books. But I love them even more when, like Forsythia, they know why they’re chosen and what their destiny is. 

What Forsythia didn’t see coming was her fated mates. Between the three of them… can they bring all the factions of supernaturals together to defeat the Creatori? 

Yes, yes they can!

Loreweaver’s characters are hilariously real. They have deep emotions, wit, and sarcasm. What more could you ask for in main characters? Great sex? Check. Defeating the bad guy… check (though not in this book). 

This series has everything you crave from a great PNR.


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