More Self-working Cards Tricks

By Karl Fulves,

Book cover of More Self-working Cards Tricks: 88 Foolproof Card Miracles for the Amateur Magician

Book description

Card magic has captivated man for many centuries. Today, it remains the most popular area of legerdemain, accounting for half of all tricks performed by magicians.
Now Karl Fulves, noted writer in the field of magic, has compiled a new treasury of foolproof card tricks, the definitive sequel to his…

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My first love in magic is card magic. 

With nothing more than 52 rectangular pieces of cardboard you can delight, amaze, astound, puzzle, and thoroughly enchant folks of all ages. This book is high on my list because it requires no sleight-of-hand skills (which take dedicated practice), which means the eager student can start performing serious mysteries from the get-go.

The very first trick in the book is a gem that will perplex any intelligent observer.  

From Allan's list on learning magic.

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