Marathon Man

By William Goldman,

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William Goldman's remarkable career spans more than five decades, and his credentials run the gamut from bestselling novelist to Oscar-winning screenwriter to Hollywood raconteur. He's beloved by millions of readers as the author of the classic comic-romantic fantasy The Princess Bride. And he's notorious for creating the most harrowing visit…

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I never knew William Goldman (The Princess Bridewas such a versatile writer, and I love how he messed with my expectations. The result was funny, sad, and remarkably deep.

An athletic academic with delusions of grandeur, and an overpowering sense of his own awkwardness, getting sucked up in a world of espionage really caught my imagination. I loved the characters and character growth. Especially when the change was forced by a revelation that made me reevaluate everything I knew about the characters.

I especially enjoyed how the narrative follows the characters’ train of thought. The unusual use…

“Is it safe?” There is, perhaps, no other trio of words in the English language capable of sending shockwaves of unimaginable pain deep into one’s molars.

Dr. Christian Szell’s ruthless determination to obtain his diamonds, no matter the cost, makes him one of the most detestable villains in all of fiction. So detestable, in fact, that I couldn’t help borrowing his surname for a tertiary antagonist in Sunset Empire, who is part heartless physician and part mad scientist.

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