Managing Oneself

By Peter F. Drucker,

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Peter Drucker is widely regarded as the father of modern management, offering penetrating insights into business that still resonate today. But Drucker also offers deep wisdom on how to manage our personal lives and how to become more effective leaders. In these two classic articles from Harvard Business Review, Drucker…

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Perform from your strengths! There can hardly be a more effective success principle than this one.

The book is very tiny – you can read it in 1-2 hours. But it has had a profound impact on my life. After reading it, I decided to quit my job and focus 100% on business because I discovered that I didn’t need a corporate environment to reach success and I didn’t need a boss either.

Only after reading Druckers' “Perform from your strengths” principle I gave myself permission to do just that – and it changed things quickly for me.

From Christian's list on freelancers in the digital age.

Managing Oneself is a 60-page book that will effectively help you manage and develop yourself. On your road to success, you must learn how to manage yourself or you will fall apart. Therefore, self-management is an essential key to becoming successful in life. Imagine if you knew how to discover and improve your strengths, how powerful would you be? No more weaknesses. Imagine overcoming your intellectual arrogance, how much smarter would your decisions be? Managing Oneself can help you stay mentally alert and identify which environments are right or wrong for you.

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