Legal Fiction

By Chandan Pandey, Bharatbhooshan Tiwari (translator),

Book cover of Legal Fiction: A Novel

Book description

This is like Kafka in Deoria. Or Camus in the cow belt. But more accurate to say that Legal Fiction is an urgent, literary report about how truth goes missing in our land. I read it with a racing heart.

-- Amitava Kumar, author of The Lovers

Chandan Pandey goes…

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This slim novel I read in one sitting not because, in the way of conventional thrillers, one hopes for a decent resolution, but because the story is so devastating. Its very hopelessness somehow pulls one in. Pandey has written a very gentle account of the very brutal forces ranged against one couple who have committed what can be a crime in modern India – marrying outside one’s caste and religion. 

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