Learning to Fly

By Stephen Davis,

Book cover of Learning to Fly: An Uncommon Memoir of Human Flight, Unexpected Love, and One Amazing Dog

Book description

When professional rock climber Steph Davis started skydiving, she discovered new love, hope, and joy in letting go.

“It’s not so surprising that on the day of my fifth wedding anniversary I would be crouched in the open door of an airplane, thirteen thousand feet above the Colorado plains, about…

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Have you heard of Alex Honnold? The guy who climbs shear-faced mountains without a rope… Steph Davis does that too. She also skydives and flies in a wingsuit. This book took me on an amazing voyage into the life and mind of a woman with nerves of steel, yet a loving and beautiful soul. A life brimming with achievements, yet littered with tragedy. I spent half the book with my jaw dropped open, and parts with tears streaming down my face.

Steph Davis is undoubtedly a kick-ass female.

From Nicholas' list on kick-ass females of sea and sky.

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