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Sometimes, love is not all it takes to help the ones you love. Sometimes, love pulls you in different directions. If you enjoy reading psychological thrillers with twists, turns, and ultimately engrossing, uncomfortable, and an unpredictable storyline full of paranormal romance. Then I recommend reading Layla. Not my normal genre, but I will say this the writer had me turning pages and I had to read to the end.

From Judy's list on later in life romance.

This book is so different from anything else I’ve ever read. What occurs in the story really makes me wonder if it’s possible for two souls to switch bodies when both die at exactly the same moment. The climactic psychological aspect of this story drew me in. The battle inside each character as they struggle to make sense of what is happening is so realistic, I often felt as if I was reading someone’s memoir. Yet it’s pure fiction. But the ending left me gasping and chewing my fingernails. Would the reverse switch be successful? There was so much at…

When twists were being divvied up for ghost fiction novels, an abundance poured into Layla. Contemporary suspense is off the charts in this eclectic mix of paranormal, psychic thriller, and relationship dysfunction. The story takes a dark turn when Layla, who is Leeds Gabriel’s girlfriend, gets shot in the head by his ex. To rekindle romance, Leeds takes the recovering Layla back to the B&B where they first met. Only now, Layla’s life is in even more danger! As far as narration goes, I prefer to empathize with the main storyteller. Not so in this book. Be prepared to…

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