Just Be Honest

By Steven Gaffney,

Book cover of Just Be Honest: Authentic Communication Strategies That Get Results and Last a Lifetime

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In Just Be Honest, you will learn that honesty is not only the best policy; it's the easiest and most effective way to communicate. You'll learn how to be honest with others and how to get them to be honest with you. You will learn how to use honesty as…

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Just Be Honest is a great book on communication strategies. One part of this book that has always stuck with me is what Steven Gaffney calls Notice vs. Imagine. Steven Gaffney estimates that at least 50% of what we imagine about others is inaccurate. For example, upon exiting a meeting at work, 50% of each person’s thoughts, opinions, and assumptions from the meeting are likely to be wrong. The worse part about this is that each person may well think he or she is 100 percent right. I learned a lot about hidden assumptions and communication strategies from this book.

From Tina's list on leadership during a transition.

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