Inside the Third Reich

By Albert Speer,

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If you’re curious about what was happening in Germany throughout the war, you’ll love Albert Speer’s memoir, which provides a unique, inside look at Hitler and his closest associates before and after the Allies landed in Normandy. Speer was Hitler’s architect and paints a unique picture of Hitler from the start of the war. It also includes a wonderful series of pictures at every stage.

If you’re fascinated by The Second World War, this book is a must for your library, as it is in mine. I look at the pictures over and over and delight in seeing the principal…

"I am by nature hardworking but I always needed a special impulse,” observed Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect, in his memoir about his early life and his days as one of Hitler’s ministers. The impulse led him to write his memories in which he provides portraits of Hitler, Goering, and Gobbles. His accounts are far from flattering and his behind scenes activities in Berlin make for great reading. The book comes with several pictures of Speer with Hitler and other prominent Nazis and his account of Hitler during his last days stay with you for a long time. I was always…

From Jim's list on World War II you can't put down.

This book is gripping from first to last page, giving the reader the inside running on what really went on behind the scenes of Nazi Germany. Although it looks like a tome, I read through it at the rate of knots, because who could help being fascinated by what such a man as Speer had to say? It was the book that inspired me to write my own—the story of Speer’s Life.

So here we shift to the Second World War, but the sentiment’s the same. Speer was a highly educated and most interesting man whose point of view counts…

Albert Speer was the German leader who appeared sorry for what he did at the Nuremburg war crimes trial. I was a teenager when I came across the book at a public library and rediscovered it a few years ago in a used bookstore. Yes, Speer was determined to show himself in the best possible light and minimize his crimes. However, Inside the Third Reich remains one of the most clear portraits of Hitler and his circle in their everyday life.

From David's list on understanding Nazi Germany.

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