Harry the Dirty Dog

By Gene Zion, Margaret Bloy Graham (illustrator),

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Harry is a black and white dog who hates having a bath - so when he sees his owner with the dredded bath, he runs away. But in the end, harry gets so dirty that his owners dont recognise him and so he has to beg for the thing he…

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First published in 1956, Harry the Dirty Dog is still around and charming young readers. To avoid a bath, Harry buries the scrubbing brush in the yard and then runs away. He gets into entertaining scrapes and messes, eventually returning home so covered in dirt and soot that he is unrecognizable to his family. Panic! How will Harry convince his family that he is their missing pet? I read this on repeat to my kids when they were young, and today I also read it during library storytimes. The retro art is visually appealing and the story has just-high-enough stakes…

From Emma's list on children’s books about dogs.

When Harry, the family dog, runs away from home and gets covered with dirt, his family no longer recognizes him. Frantic, Harry tries everything to help them figure it out, even digging up a brush that he had buried earlier. But nothing works until the family gives the strange dog a bath and, voila, their beloved Harry is back!

The illustrations are stylized in a way that connect well with the simplicity and wholesomeness of the story. This story makes no attempts to teach kids a lesson. It’s simply telling kids an adorable and uncomplicated story about a family dog.…

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