Guardians of the Garden

By Theresa Pocock,

Book cover of Guardians of the Garden

Book description

Award-winning YA Fantasy for fans of Good Omens and Cruel Prince

All that stands between the 6000 year old secret of immortality and the end of the world are the Guardians of the Garden.  

Rejected by her family and her town, Miriam  Miller wants nothing more than to turn her…

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Superpowered people, living like the Amish, guarding the secret to eternal life. Like Blue Shadows Fall, this sets up a location so unique in the town of Edenia that it’s nearly a character by itself. Unlike that book, Edenia is less a place you’d want to live and more a mystery you want to unravel. This book really drills into the teenage frustration of having no control over your location or circumstances from some very different perspectives in the variety of POV characters. A lot of the story’s tension comes from the main cast’s refusal or inability to come…

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