Giants of the Frost

By Kim Wilkins,

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Victoria Scott, scientist and hardened sceptic, accepts a job at an isolated weather station on an island in the Norwegian Sea. She's running from a broken engagement and the knowledge that love is a lie. But there are shadows outside her cabin window, a hag who visits in nightmares -…

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The Norse God: Vidar

Suspense, Horror, Romance, Adventure—this book has it all! Vidar’s steadfast search for the mortal woman he loved and lost, and the complications of her return as a cynical scientist at a research outpost in the modern world are both “wild and melancholy.” I love the idea of a god with such a loyal heart. This book gets bonus points for going all-in on Odin as the villain of the piece, but also features Loki in full Trickster form, and touches on many of the other gods of Asgard.

From Amalia's list on Norse gods set in the modern world.

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