Fly By Night

By Frances Hardinge,

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Everybody knew that books were dangerous. Read the wrong book, it was said, and the words crawled around your brain on black legs and drove you mad, wicked mad. Mosca Mye was born at a time sacred to Goodman Palpitattle, He Who Keeps Flies out of Jams and Butterchurns, which…

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Imagination + beautiful writing. I love books that surprise me. Whether it’s with imaginative settings, intricate plots, beautiful writing, or humor. Surprise me, and I’m hooked. For me, no writer does this better than Frances Hardinge. Her books are incredibly unique. There is nobody who writes like her, who thinks up plots like her. Any one of her books is a trip on a totally new adventure. I started with Fly By Night and have read everything by her since.

Most readers were introduced to Hardinge’s work when The Lie Tree won the Costa Book of the Year Award (only the second children’s book ever to do so; Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass was the first). But fans who’ve been reading her since Fly By Night, the first book in her Mosca Mye series, already knew that Frances Hardinge is the most imaginative writer in children’s fantasy today. Her brilliant debut introduced the charmingly hostile Mosca Mye, her murderous goose, Saracen, and her hapless partner-in-crime, Eponymous Clent—and the sequel, Twilight Robbery, is even better. There are only…

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