Existential Physics

By Sabine Hossenfelder,

Book cover of Existential Physics: A Scientist's Guide to Life's Biggest Questions

Book description


"An informed and entertaining guide to what science can and cannot tell us." -The Wall Street Journal

"Stimulating . . . encourage[s] readers to push past well-trod assumptions [...] and have fun doing so." -Science Magazine

From renowned physicist and creator of the YouTube series…

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Why read it?

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Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder is a prominent physicist as well as science populizer and YouTube personality. Her takes on current theories combined with her famously dry (and very German) wit make for a very informative but entertaining read. 

I agree with the majority of her theories but not all. She’s a staunch determinist: I still believe in some modicum of Free Will.

I love the way that theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder makes use of her knowledge of the subject to tell us more about our relationship with life, the universe, and everything. This is no dry science text—we discover why past, present, and future seem different, what we know (and can’t know) about how everything began and how it will end, whether or not the concept of free will makes scientific sense and more. What is particularly fascinating is the revelation that some apparently scientific theories have no basis in science—and that science can’t disprove some beliefs that scientists often criticize.

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