Dog Songs

By Mary Oliver,

Book cover of Dog Songs: Poems

Book description

'The popularity of [Dog Songs] feels as inevitable and welcome as a wagging tail upon homecoming' Boston Globe

In Dog Songs, Mary Oliver celebrates the special bond between human and dog, as understood through her connection to the dogs who across the years accompanied her on her daily walks, warmed…

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I am recommending Dog Songs as a dog lover and as a poet. Two of my favorite things are dogs and poetry, and Mary Oliver combines the two in her beautiful celebration of the love between humans and dogs. I think this is a great choice when people are grieving, as the magic of the canine/human connection is conveyed in these poems, providing a source of beauty and comfort for the reader. All of her selections emphasize that unique love that we have with our pets, reminding us to enjoy life’s precious moments. 

Mary Oliver writes about her dogs, and slice of life observations of them with so much heart, wit, and compassion. The compassion isn't just for her dogs and her own heart but for us, her dog-lovesick readers too. I feel closer to my dogs, here and passed, humming Mary Oliver’s, Dog Songs.

In "A Little Dog’s Rhapsody in the Night,” Mary’s dog Percy says, with his eyes:

“Tell me you love me,” he says.
“Tell me again.”

Could there be a sweeter arrangement?
Over and over
“Tell me you love me,” he says.
“Tell me again.”

Could there be a…

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