Dirty White Boys

By Stephen Hunter,

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Three convicts on the run with an arsenal of weaponry and only one rogue cop can stop them. Lamar Pye has escaped from Oklahoma State Penitentiary, accompanied by his idiot cousin and a vicious, but cowardly artist. To have stayed in prison was certain death, but his chances on the…

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From its shocking first paragraph to its explosive conclusion, Dirty White Boys is a daring, almost insanely ambitious tour de force. Loosely inspired by the saga of Bonnie and Clyde, the book follows a ragtag band of escaped convicts on a wild multi-state crime spree. In his later books, Hunter may become a bit too caught up in the minutiae of firearms, but here he’s focused on characters and human drama. This book showed me that I had to up my game and aim higher. 

Another recommendation from my father, this book has the best opening line I’ve ever read! It’s a gritty, hard-boiled prison drama featuring realistic and largely detestable characters that you can’t help but root for. What stood out to me with this book is how the characters evolved over the course of the book. I personally related to the meek, perpetually terrified artist, who went from being a scared new inmate to the top boy, all through the life lessons he learned from the people around him. It isn’t always pretty, but it’s a hell of a good read!

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