Culture Care

By Makoto Fujimura,

Book cover of Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty for Our Common Life

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Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year
Christianity Today's Book of the Year Award of Merit

"Culture is not a territory to be won or lost but a resource we are called to steward with care. Culture is a garden to be cultivated."

Many bemoan the decay of culture. But we…

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I’m so sick of the culture wars in America. That’s why Makoto Fujimura’s call towards Culture Care was so refreshing and encouraging.

He acknowledges how artists may end up as border walkers, gaining inspiration by living on the edges of society. But mere rebellion isn’t enough. I was so inspired by his encouragement to see cultural care as comparable to environmental work. How do we create estuaries where new growth and ideas can emerge? As a painter, Mako brings his visions to life on canvas. Yet, this book challenged me to usher more beauty into my community through any medium.

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