Canopy of Titans

By Paul Koberstein, Jessica Applegate,

Book cover of Canopy of Titans: The Life and Times of the Great North American Temperate Rainforest

Book description

"Trees are crucial in preserving a liveable future. Canopy of Titans makes an eloquent plea for saving one of North America's last great forests."
- Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

Canopy of Titans examines the global importance of the Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest that stretches…

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This book moves me more than any other regarding the climate crisis and the essential need to protect remaining old-growth forests, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Living there myself, I especially appreciate the work of Paul Koberstein and Jessica Applegate. They make clear that we must address a fundamental need regarding the heating of our planet: to leave intact the forest ecosystem that helps us the most.    

From Tim's list on important reads about forests.

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