Becoming Eichmann

By David Cesarani,

Book cover of Becoming Eichmann: Rethinking the Life, Crimes and Trial of a Desk Murderer

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Becoming Eichmann , the first account of Eichmann's life to appear in over forty years, reveals a surprising portrait of the man once seen as epitomizing the banality of evil." Drawing on recently unearthed documents, David Cesarani explores Eichmann's early career, when he learned how to become an administrator of…

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According to Hannah Arendt's famous description of Gestapo agent Adolf Eichmann, he was merely a cog in the larger machinery of murder–someone who could not think for himself.

In his detailed account of Eichmann's activities, historian David Cesarani argues instead that Eichmann's inner commitment to Nazi ideology led him to identify with his task of organizing the transport of Jews to the extermination camps—a fanatical dedication that continued through January 1945.

From Herlinde's list on Nazi perpetrators.

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