A Life of Excellence

By Richard E. Simmons III,

Book cover of A Life of Excellence: Wisdom for Effective Living

Book description

Life is governed by certain laws and principles. These laws and principles are not “good” or “bad”, “moral” or “immoral”, they are simply true. However, what is so crucial for us to grasp is that these principles actually make life predictable.

Such an understanding creates the potential for more predictable…

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Excellence comes from two Latin root words which together mean: "to rise out from." Excellence is the quality of rising to one's expected potential. The author finds a way to capture an area we all can get off track. We can be excellent when we stop worrying about being better than someone else. Our destinies are yet to be determined, and we can still become exceptional. Excellence is about leading our lives in a way that we will leave a legacy. Another reason we do not achieve excellence in our personal lives is that so many people are not on…

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