Whispers of the Dead

By Simon Beckett,

Book cover of Whispers of the Dead

Book description

'Menacing, beautifully paced' Daily Mail

Inspired by Beckett's visit to the world-renowned Body Farm in Tennessee

A serial killer is at work, and the death toll is rising . . .

The victim has been bound and tortured, the body decomposed beyond recognition.

Then a second body is found. A…

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Nobody does gore with more charm than the British, and Becket loves his blood and guts. His victims are barely recognizable. But I selected this novel mainly for its setting at a body farm. I have a card in my wallet offering my organs when I have no further use for them. But the farm is peopled with volunteer cadavers; those who have agreed to donate their bodies for forensic studies. Offering up a live heart is one thing. But you’d have to sign off ownership of the whole kit and kaboodle to science once that heart stops beating. It’s…

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