By Tahereh Mafi,

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In this fantastical story, which is a companion to Furthermore, a lonesome girl scrubs the skin of the dead to ready souls for the afterlife. (Sounds properly spooky, doesn’t it? I love when books give me chills!) And when things are especially dark, as they are for Laylee, friendship shines all the brighter once it is found. 

After the death of her mother and the abandonment of her father, 13-year-old Laylee is the sole remaining Moordeshor in her village, responsible for laundering the souls of the recently dead. Her struggle to keep up has turned her into a grumpy recluse, but the book is saved from becoming too morose by a witty narrator and the arrival of a pair of spunky children inexplicably determined to help her. I absolutely adore every character in this story, and the writing is exquisite. Furthermore, the unique world building in this story tackles death and grief with plenty of heart,…

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