These Broken Stars

By Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner,

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"One of the most intense, thrilling, and achingly beautiful stories I've ever read."--Marie Lu, New York Times best-selling author of the Legend trilogy

The first in the New York Times bestselling author duo Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner's sweeping science fiction trilogy, These Broken Stars is a timeless love story…

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You know that question about being stranded on a desert island with only one other person and a spaceship? Oh, wait. I think that’s supposed to be a sunken ship. This story has a bit of a similar feel, only instead of an island, it’s a deserted planet, and no one is coming to save Lilac and Tarver—so they have to save themselves instead. This one is a good mix of the rich-girl/poor-boy dynamic, (think Pretty in Pink, flip-flopped) with a hint of mystery, all in the style of Survivor. The depth of feeling is strong in this…

Lilac and Tarver barely escape a luxury spaceliner crash, only to end up trapped alone on an inhospitable planet. Tarver is one of those YA military heroes that makes the most jaded reader sigh with longing. He and Lilac clash immediately—fireworks!—and when they fall into each other’s arms (because of course they do), it’s so very satisfying.

I know, I already listed a book by Kaufman on this list and I’m not sorry about it. This book has it all. Enemies to lovers, space travel, ghosts, clean romance, great character development, and attention to detail that created vivid, beautiful scenes in an alien environment. This book is more of a romance than the other ones on my list, but what can I say? I like to think that if the world ends, or spaceships explode and you’re stranded on a weird planet, love will go on (but not like, Titanic style.)

From L. Blaise's list on young adult soft science-fiction.

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