The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax

By Dorothy Gilman,

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Mrs Emily Pollifax is a 60-ish widow wanting more from life than teas and garden club meetings. In search of adventure, she decides to offer her services to the CIA - who, after all, would spot a suburban grandmother as a cold war secret agent? - and adventure she finds.…

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“A little old lady from New Jersey becomes more trouble than the CIA, or anyone else, bargained for.” I loved Mrs. Pollifax from the first few pages and followed her from this introductory book through several books. Who wouldn’t like a sixty-something gardening lady, who knows karate, and manages to join the CIA in the middle of the Cold War? She’s always wanted to be a spy and she does it with panache, humor, and great success. Her adventures, her unique solutions, and her absolute good cheer and survival kept me coming back for more. This first book covers her…

Emily Pollifax is struggling with her quiet life when she decides to take the train from New Brunswick, New Jersey, and her prize-winning geraniums, to Washington, D.C. where, like any ordinary retiree, she calls upon the CIA, volunteering her services as a spy. One case of slightly mistaken identity later, the higher-ups realize [horrified] she’s not their operative, and they’ve sent her to Mexico on a dangerous mission. The other books take her all over the world… to Turkey, Albania, China, Switzerland, Zambia, anywhere and everywhere her unique, grandmotherly brand of charm, nerve, wit, verve, and intrigue are needed. Mrs.…

Mrs. Pollifax had a busy life until her children became adults and moved into their own lives. So she tried community work and joined a gardening club but when those became totally boring Mrs. Pollifax decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a spy. The minute she wangled an introduction from her Congress Member to a liaison at the CIA, I practically stood and saluted. And when she talked her way into a small assignment, which turned out to be quite complicated indeed, well, I was on the Mrs. Pollifax train and in the next thirteen books we traveled…

What happens when a widow from New Jersey decides she’s had enough of the safe, yet predictable life of a retirement community? She offers her services to the CIA, of course! As a teenager, I had no idea just how much this courageous senior citizen would capture my interest. Mrs. Pollifax sucked me right into her crazy adventures as a secret agent in Mexico City and the mountains of Albania during the Cold War of the 1960s. Mrs. Pollifax’s enthusiasm for new experiences rarely flagged, despite unsavory characters, awkward sleeping arrangements — and lice. She gave me hope that I’d…

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