The Tarot

By F. Homer Curtiss, Harriette Augusta Curtiss, Manly P. Hall , Papus , S.L. MacGregor Mathers , Arthur Edward Waite , Eliphaz Levi , P.D. Ouspensky , P.R.S. Foli

Book cover of The Tarot: A Collection of Secret Wisdom from Tarot's Mystical Origins

Book description

"A major contribution!"
-Rachel Pollack, bestselling author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom

The definitive collection of rare, secret, and arcane tarot knowledge

The Tarot: A Collection of Secret Wisdom from Tarot's Mystical Origins is the ultimate guide to the mysteries and lost knowledge of the tarot. This single volume includes…

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This pick is for the history nerds like me. This book provides, in a single volume over ten selections from foundational tarot books from the last two hundred years. This book is definitely for the enthusiast who wants to go back to the study texts that are out of print or to go back to the beginning of occult Tarot. This book includes ‘old school’ fortunetelling techniques not seen in a long time. I love some old fashion fortunetelling techniques. This is also a recently published book, so you can show off a fresh hot big book on Instagram to…

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