The Sun and the Serpent

By Paul Broadhurst, Hamish Miller,

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If you are into ley lines, then this book is a must for you. It literally maps the Michael and Mary ley lines (which originate in Cornwall in the South West of England) in the finest detail, and takes you on a journey through ancient history to present day. Not…

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This book was instrumental in my creation of Laurel’s Quest. Hamish and Paul are earth energy dowsers and Laurel follows their path along the Mary/Michael earth energy lines in England. It is a journey of discovery and of confirmation of their theory that ancient man knew about these lines of power and built stone monuments to mark the places where the two lines (male and female) cross to create nodes. Avebury and Glastonbury Tor being two of the most well-known. Pilgrims still walk the ancient Ridgeway and Icknield Ways that cross the English countryside leading from one place of power…

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