The Rising

By Brian Keene,

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The classic that helped start a pop culture phenomenon - back in print and UNCUT!

Since it's 2003 debut, Brian Keene's THE RISING is one of the best-selling zombie novels of all-time. It has been translated into over a dozen languages, inspired the works of other authors and filmmakers, and…

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The Rising was one of the first zombie books I read after a while and it was interesting. It went beyond what people expected or thought they wanted from zombie novels. It was less Night of the Living Dead and more Day of the Dead with killing, and mutilations, and suspenseful expectations that no one really thought could be met. 

The Rising is, in my opinion, required zombie plague novel reading in that it touches on a bit of everything! An interesting source story for the plague, zombie animals, a multi-state trek, family bonds, bag guys, even intelligent zombies. Though many of us don’t enjoy that last aspect, it makes for many especially high-tension moments. Keene has a few other books I also really loved. Read this one if you want some crazy situations that will stay with you for years after you’ve read them. I’ll never forget the zoo.

From Michelle's list on plagues of all kinds, including zombies.

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