The Pull of the Moon

By Elizabeth Berg,

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“This is not a novel about a woman leaving home but rather about a human being finding her way back.”—Chicago Tribune

In the middle of her life, Nan decides to leave her husband at home and begin an impromptu trek across the country, carrying with her a turquoise leather journal…

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When I presented the second draft of the manuscript of my book to my developmental editor, I really thought it was done.

“Nope, not a novel yet. Where’s your inciting incident?”
“What’s an inciting incident?” She explained.
I retorted: “Well, I read this book about a woman who’s just going through menopause, so she goes on a solo road trip. No inciting incident there.”
“What, and you don’t think menopause is an inciting incident?”

And then I re-read Elizabeth Berg’s beautiful story of a long-term marriage; what’s left when child-rearing is done; and what you discover from strangers when you…

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