The Five Love Languages

By Gary Chapman,

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Through fun-filled presentations before a live audience, Gary Chapman helps you identify your personal love language. He also helps you understand the love language of your spouse.

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Becoming a manager at an early age and now a nonprofit founder, I realize how important the statement ‘Relationship before Task’ is. While this book is used to sustain relationships of love, the lessons on how we invest emotionally in other areas of our life, including the workplace and friendships, is just as impactful. This book encourages me to give guidance, not ultimatums when making my needs known. Overall, this book is a reminder that being relationship-focused will bring us the love and/or significance that we’re looking for. 

An oldie but a goodie. Again, I’m not overly religious, but revisiting this during my divorce and really tuning into what my love languages are, only set me up for success in future relationships. Not sugarcoating things or justifying behaviors really helped me be honest with future partners. I strongly recommended taking tests at the end and exploring what your love languages are that way you can understand your needs in a relationship. The more you can understand yourself better, the better you can communicate that to a future partner. 

From Lauren's list on if you’re going through a divorce.

This book has been a mega-bestseller forever and for great reason. In this book, you learn to recognize what your partner, or other loved ones, need to feel loved. It has helped me be a better mother, a better wife, sister, friend, and so forth. It’s also helped me rule people out when I was dating because I’ve learned the hard way that a relationship is smoother sailing (for me at least) if our love languages at least somewhat align. 

From Gina's list on avoiding relationship mistakes.

I read this book years ago and find I have reverted to the model again and again. It enlightened me on how difficult another person can perceive the loving actions I’ve done. So in hindsight, I got an explanation for dates that didn’t feel right or talks about love that go in completely opposite directions. It also gave a likely explanation why a specific relationship I was in, never really worked on a deep level. A great book that can teach you about yourself and others to make you better at giving and receiving loving signs and actions.

My love language is “Words of Encouragement.” My wife’s love language is “Receiving Gifts.” Now Rita and I might have figured that out eventually, but this book gets right to the point. Gary Chapman doesn’t need a plug from me. I think that book has sold a gazillion copies. Still, if you haven’t read it, make this your next book purchase. It’ll change your perspective on relationships. And get your more smooches, guaranteed. Guys, you definitely want to figure out your bride’s love language.

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