The Day the Crayons Quit

By Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers (illustrator),

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The Number One New York Times Bestseller!

Debut author Drew Daywalt and international bestseller Oliver Jeffers team up to create a colourful solution to a crayon-based crisis in this playful, imaginative story that will have children laughing and playing with their crayons in a whole new way.

Poor Duncan just…

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A glorious, mini rebellion of colour and newfound artistic freedom. This deservedly popular picture book is as smart and funny as the youngsters it is aimed at.  Each new character we meet is wonderfully individual and uniquely creative. A rainbow of inspiration! Who knew we could care about crayons so much? Bliss!

From Lou's list on artistic expression.

Another popular children’s picture book, The Day the Crayons Quit, is most definitely our silliest SEL pick. But just because this picture book is on the funnier side doesn’t mean it doesn’t have important messages to share. The book notoriously consists of letters from a child’s crayons, each letter detailing why the crayon needed to take the day off.

Why do we think this is a great choice to promote social-emotional learning? The first reason is that it allows children to think from the perspective of each crayon and why they felt the need to take a break from…

From Caroline's list on promoting social emotional learning.

Parents will enjoy this funny book about a packet of crayons going on strike. Red feels overworked, Black doesn’t want to simply be used for outlining anymore, and Yellow and Orange are having a disagreement over which of them is the real color of the sun. They need Duncan to sort this all out. Illustrated in a unique style as handwritten letters, parents and kids will find the story humorous and the illustrations original.

From Heather's list on picture books parents will love.

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