The Culture Map

By Erin Meyer,

Book cover of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

Book description

Whether you work in a home office or abroad, business success in our ever more globalized and virtual world requires the skills to navigate through cultural differences and decode cultures foreign to your own. Renowned expert Erin Meyer is your guide through this subtle, sometimes treacherous terrain where people from…

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So much of culture is unspoken and unseen. That’s why I love Erin Meyer’s classic book on doing business across borders.

As someone who oversees a global marketing team with people in various countries, I really relate to the compelling anecdotes she provides throughout. My favorite examples are ones where she showcases the misunderstandings that often go unseen and breaks down what is really happening behind the scenes when people from different cultures struggle to communicate in business settings.

Understanding high-context and low-context cultures is so important in global business. Having worked with employees in Japan, a high-context culture, I…

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I discovered this book several years ago when I was leading a global team across North America, Europe, and Asia and desperately trying to navigate cultural differences and communication styles. The book was eye-opening for me as the author shared real-world examples of misunderstandings and differences in how people from different cultures interact in the workplace.

I especially appreciated Erin’s guidance for leading people in highly hierarchical cultures as I was trying to figure out how to get my large team of leaders in China to speak up about what was really going on (and I was going about it…

As a senior cultural advisor to governments, UN agencies, and companies, I find Erin Meyer's exploration of cultural nuances and their impact on communication and relationships both enlightening and practical.

This book offers a nuanced understanding of how culturally informed subtleties shape our interactions, providing invaluable insights for individuals, couples, and groups navigating multicultural relationships.

What stands out is Meyer's ability to distill complex cultural dynamics into organized frameworks and actionable strategies for building understanding and connection. Through her engaging anecdotes and thorough research, she equips readers with the tools to bridge cultural divides and cultivate harmony in their relationships.…

This book is one of the most skillful and actionable executions of an incredibly complex topic: how do we successfully work with people from different cultures?

The book covers techniques for unpicking cultural differences and better understanding our own so that people from dramatically different backgrounds can work better together: a topic that is close to the heart of all of us in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

The most fun part of this book is an exercise that you can do with your team to highlight and understand cultural differences. Despite sounding like a potential minefield, you’ll come…

I loved this book so much. I read it some time ago while preparing to start writing my first book.

It is about culture and how to conduct yourself within our globalized world—however, more into the business world context. Many of the mentioned recommendations from this book can also be applied to daily life. This book is a must-read if you work with a very international group and want to know how to deal with cultural differences.

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