The Crayon Box That Talked

By Shane DeRolf, Michael Letzig (illustrator),

Book cover of The Crayon Box That Talked

Book description

"While walking through a toy store, the day before today, I overheard a

crayon box with many things to say..." Once upon a time, Shane DeRolf wrote

a poem. It was a deceptively simple poem, a charming little piece that

celebrates the creation of harmony through diversity. The folks at…

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The Crayon Box that Talked begins with a young girl overhearing a box of crayons arguing in a toy store about how they don’t like each other for their differences. The little girl buys the box of crayons and when she gets home begins to color. As the crayons begin to blend together and create beautiful art, they begin to see that their differences are actually something to celebrate because they all contribute to the bigger picture. The message in this book is beautiful.

From Hillary's list on rhyming picture books.

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