The Black Echo

By Michael Connelly,

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An LAPD homicide detective must choose between justice and vengeance as he teams up with the FBI in this "thrilling" novel filled with mystery and adventure (New York Times Book Review).

For maverick LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is more than…

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The Black Echo is the first novel in the bestselling Harry Bosch series. Bosch is a great detective who isn’t afraid to go against the people around him in pursuit of justice, including his coworkers in the LAPD, and agents in the FBI. 

In this book, his old war buddy is found dead. Bosch hunts for the truth, and revenge. 

I really liked the cool, back-alley, neo-noir vibe. The book is set in Los Angeles, but not the glitzy parts often seen in the media. Bosch follows a maze of clues through gritty, shadowy parts of the city. Good stuff.

In The Black Echo, the first book in his Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch series, Connelly introduces his epic detective. Bosch is a Vietnam vet who served as a tunnel rat, crawling through a massive series of tunnels to ferret out and kill Vietnamese soldiers. His traumatic war experience proves useful as he investigates a dead body found in a drainpipe. The case leads to the water conduits underneath LA, the body of fellow tunnel rat, and ultimately an unsolved bank robbery. He battles the FBI, constant trouble with Internal Affairs, and he must overcome Vietnamese gangsters and his war trauma…

This is the first of more than twenty-five novels featuring Harry Bosch, a Vietnam War vet who is now a homicide detective on the L.A.P.D. Here Bosch investigates the murder of a man found stuffed into a culvert and the case quickly becomes very personal for Bosch himself. Like the detectives above, Bosch is a brilliantly imagined character, and with this series Connelly has established himself as the king of police procedurals.

I love reading murder mysteries; Harry Bosch is the quintessential homicide detective, and Michael Connelly has masterfully created his LAPD detective to anchor this mystery series. In addition, Connelly is a great storyteller. The Black Echo paints a realistic picture of the sordid underbelly of Los Angeles that few see, but one that Harry encounters daily. The detective investigates a friend's murder, and he has to relive their time together in Viet Nam while facing resistance from those in his department. I highly recommend this first book in the Harry Bosch series, which will start you on an exciting journey…

Harry Bosch is the epitome of the hard-boiled LAPD homicide detective. Things get personal when the body of a friend, a man who had fought side-by-side with him in Vietnam, is found in a drainpipe at the Mulholland Dam. Driven by his friendship, Bosch pulls out all the stops to find the killer. But there are enemies inside his own department and rules he must break. I enjoyed his honesty and commitment to truth. The finale ends with a well-planned and daring underground criminal heist during which Bosch learns the surprising true identity of the killer. The Black Echo is…

From Rob's list on a hard-nosed detective series.

This book turned me into a fan of gritty crime novels. This was the first one that, to me, made the environment seem real. There have been hundreds of detectives portrayed as broken or near to it, but Harry Bosch is the first one I could identify with. I have since read every one and can’t wait for the next release.

Connelly hits the ground running with his MC, Harry Bosch, the rogue LAPD detective who barely stays in the good graces of his superiors while using his unique skills and insight to solve crimes that other cops won't or can't solve. Bosch has just enough flaws to make him real and believable while at the same time imbuing him with qualities that lift him above the average detective. Connelly's plotting is superb as he ties Bosch to a former Army buddy in Viet Nam who is found dead and no one but Bosch suspects he was murdered. As the players…

From Chris' list on debut mystery-thrillers.

Bosch believes, “Everyone counts or no one counts,” crucial in understanding how he manages to resist cynicism as a Los Angeles police detective. The author’s love of procedural aspects of policing can almost overwhelm at times, yet it’s the attention to detail that is necessary if Bosch is to remain faithful to his personal code. Bosch is a man of no more than average size. Beyond badge and gun, his greatest weapon is his tenacity in dedication to his mandate. In Bosch, anyone can find a piece of what he or she might aspire to.

From R.J.'s list on to experience The Quiet Man Effect.

Connelly's books are grounded in his experience and expertise in the crime oeuvre. A former journalist who worked the crime beat on various newspapers he has won numerous awards for journalism and his fiction. Having spent some years as a court reporter in my hometown of Canberra, and basing my novel A Legal Affair on my experiences, I identify in a very small way with Connelly. I love the detail and authenticity of his writing.

From Alana's list on suspense intrigue thrillers.

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