The Authority Gap

By Mary Ann Sieghart,

Book cover of The Authority Gap: Why Women Are Taken Less Seriously Than Men-And What We Can Do about It

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Every woman has a story of being underestimated, ignored, challenged, or patronized in the workplace. Maybe she tried to speak up in a meeting, only to be talked over by male colleagues. Or a client addressed her male subordinate instead of her. These stories remain true even for women at…

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Women are still held back at work, by prejudice, ignorance, and a lack of genuinely equal opportunities. There has been legislation in place in the UK since the 1970s, and yet still the equal pay gap exists and is closing only at an incredibly slow pace. Mary Ann Sieghart analyses why this is still happening and why women are still not getting an equal break. It is not a question of ability, clearly. It has to do with systemic unfairness and stupidity, which must be challenged and dismantled. Every manager, male and female, needs to read this book.

From Stefan's list on reads if you have to manage anybody.

I have just finished reading The Authority Gap, and it's a stunning (in both senses of the word) collection of the facts, the relentless statistics, over and over, that support the anecdote that is This is what happens.  

Written by a journalist rather than an academic (Valian), it is comparatively easy-going, but still hard-hitting. I am recommending it to everyone (including, especially, men).

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