The Anatomy of Peace

By The Arbinger Institute,

Book cover of The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict

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From the authors of Leadership and Self-Deception (over 2 million copies sold) comes a new edition of this bestseller that has been thoroughly revised to more effectively address the diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges that plague our communities and hinder our organizations.

What if conflicts at home, at work, and…

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This book is not about America, and not directly about politics or political polarization. It's a well-known conflict resolution book. I included it because I think it might help some people see our divides through a different and more healthy lens. 

This book uses an engaging fictional premise to walk through some important points about resolving conflict. For example, it talks about how even when we're sure we're right in a conflict (as most people in conflicts tend to be), we may still be wrong in how we treat others. And it talks about how our animosity and contempt towards…

This book is the chronological follow on, but actual precursor, to Leadership and Self-Deception.

This book explains how to have “a heart at peace” with others, and it chillingly helps us see how we so easily fall into a “heart at war” with others.

A heart at peace is essential for personal, family, firm, and community happiness and thriving. 

Whether we are dealing with interpersonal or intergroup relationships it is easy to slip into an oppositional perspective when it comes to others. Regardless of what the sources of difference are, this book provides insights that can help anyone communicate more productively and lead successfully. I also love the narrative style in which the insights are imparted.  

From Bradford's list on communicating across differences.

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