Teaching to Transgress

By Bell Hooks,

Book cover of Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom

Book description

"After reading Teaching to Transgress I am once again struck by bell hooks's never-ending, unquiet intellectual energy, an energy that makes her radical and loving." -- Paulo Freire

In Teaching to Transgress,bell hooks--writer, teacher, and insurgent black intellectual--writes about a new kind of education, education as the practice of freedom.…

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I was introduced to bell hooks only later in my teaching career—after I had taught for 10 years.

And I read hooks immediately after reading Paulo Freire’s The Pedagogy of the Oppressed

This is a book on pedagogy, especially within a classroom with students from diverse social backgrounds. This is the book on critical pedagogy, I would say.

The training of economists will significantly benefit from engaging with the work of hooks.

From Alex's list on becoming a critical economist.

This 1994 classic by the late bell hooks never ceases to inspire us. “To educate is a practice of freedom,” hooks writes. She means that to be truly educated means to be liberated: to understand the forms of oppression, coercion, and limits imposed on learners because of class, gender, racial, sexual bias, and in every other way. hooks points to the barriers that keep us from being our very best selves. She inspires every reader to self-educate, self-reflect, find and build communities of support in order to live a better life. She inspires every educator to make, as their objective,…

From Christina's list on inspiring lifelong learning.

Teaching to Transgress is a powerful work by hooks that really taps into the power and potential of teaching. This work is in the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh, but offers way more than just a take on mindfulness. Hooks seems to understand how intentional reflection can be used as a powerful tool for real change in the classroom.

From William's list on to make you rethink life and learning.

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