Teach Resilience

By Deborah Gilboa, MD,

Book cover of Teach Resilience: Raising Kids Who Can Launch

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You will will be amazed by this pocket-sized book! Bad things will happen to our kids. Resilience is what they do after that. The ability to overcome adversity makes Resilience one of the 3 R's that can help kids thrive and succeed at any age. As a parent, you can…

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Dealing with disappointment and rejection is part of growing up. But our kids also face unique challenges and social stressors that did not exist when we were their age. That’s why it can be hard to give them the kind of help they really need in those moments when they feel particularly vulnerable. Dr. G, a family physician, international speaker and mom of four boys, has written a book to help us help our kids in compassionate and practical ways. Her goal ought to be a top parenting goal for everyone: Teach kids resilience – i.e., the ability to…

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