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It's said that storks bring the souls of children to good, loving parents. Suzey was sent to live with her grandma after her mother, a prostitute, was murdered. Grandma tells Suzey that storks would never bring a child's soul to a whore, and convinces Suzey that she is soulless and…

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Suzey suffered physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her deplorable grandmother, who used the Stork fairytale to convince her that she was a worthless, evil creature without a soul. Years later, Suzey is still battling the stork, convinced that it is responsible for her inability to have a baby.

McKenzie is another great author who can weave elements of gore and depravity into an engrossing story full of great, well-developed characters. This one was especially superb and will keep you on the edge of your seat as you witness Suzey’s downward spiral.

From Angel's list on disturbing horror.

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