Sources of Power

By Gary A. Klein,

Book cover of Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions

Book description

A modern classic about how people really make decisions: drawing on prior experience, using a combination of intuition and analysis.

Since its publication twenty years ago, Sources of Power has been enormously influential. The book has sold more than 50,000 copies, has been translated into six languages, has been cited…

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This is another great book that will help you understand how we make decisions and how we can make better ones. Klein and Kahneman are famous frenemies, with Klein giving far more credit to our ability to make good snap decisions. This work was the inspiration for Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, but Klein’s book offers much better examples and much deeper insights for those who want to learn to make better decisions, particularly in high-stress, time-constrained situations.

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Klein’s book demonstrates the power of intuition drawing on unique studies of firefighters, soldiers, nurses, and others in high-stakes situations. He shows us how intuition actually works and why it can help us make the right call – as well as why our intuition sometimes leads us astray. The book combines rigorous research with compelling stories, making it an insightful and enjoyable read for all

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