Road through Kurdistan

By Archibald Milne Hamilton,

Book cover of Road through Kurdistan: The Narrative of an Engineer in Iraq

Book description

In 1928, A.M. Hamilton travelled to Iraqi Kurdistan, having been commissioned to build a road that would stretch from Northern Iraq, through the mountains and gorges of Kurdistan and on to the Iranian border. Now called the Hamilton Road, this was, even by today's standards, a considerable feat of engineering…

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This book, which was published in 1937, is perhaps a strange choice for a list of this kind. However, Road through Kurdistan provides fascinating insights into many aspects of Iraqi social and political history in the 1930s. The author, Archibald Milne Hamilton, was a civil engineer from New Zealand who was commissioned to build a strategically important road through Southern Kurdistan, stretching from Erbil, through Rowanduz, and ending at the Iranian border. The road was constructed between 1928 and 1932 and subsequently became known as the Hamilton Road. The book is interesting from an engineering perspective, as the road was…

From Johan's list on Iraqi history.

I journeyed along what is now known as the Hamilton Road with this book by my side. A civil engineer born in New Zealand, Hamilton traveled to Kurdistan in 1928 to build a road through the impossibly beautiful mountains of northern Iraq. He spent four years in the region, and his book describes not only the immense engineering obstacles he encountered, but also the tough, resilient, fiercely independent Kurds he met—people whose spirit still lives on in the region today. The stunning landscape he describes—especially lovely in the spring, when the mountains are covered with wildflowers—also remains little changed.  

From Christiane's list on classics about the world of the Kurds.

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