Resilience on Parade

By Jane Hampton Cook,

Book cover of Resilience on Parade: Short Stories from Suffragists and Women’s Battle for the Vote

Book description

Resilience on Parade: Short Stories from Suffragists and Women’s Battle for the Vote reveals how eight Americans bounced back from numerous setbacks in women’s long battle for the right to vote. Discover how they overcame economic losses, health challenges, family disappointments, war, workplace inequalities, child custody drama, slavery and persecution…

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Jane is one of the foremost women writers of American history who digs deep into original documents to unearth truth. I’ve known Jane for decades and admire her quest to share the real stories that wove the fabric of America. Her books taught me how to write stories that captivate the audience.

Her stories incorporate original words and quotes that share their tenacity to hold firm to their beliefs and join the fight for women’s freedom in America. Discover the resilience of these women and their remarkable true stories that capture their emotions and hopes. She brings the people to…

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