Quantum Mechanics and Experience

By David Z. Albert,

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The more science tells us about the world, the stranger it looks. Ever since physics first penetrated the atom, early in this century, what it found there has stood as a radical and unanswered challenge to many of our most cherished conceptions of nature. It has literally been called into…

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This is the most fun book that has ever been written about the famous philosophical challenges posed by the proper interpretation of quantum mechanics. It is extremely difficult to say what the real world could possibly be like considering that quantum mechanics is so accurate at predicting our observations of it. Albert is a wonderful guide to this problem. His book is genuinely funny and down-to-earth (yes, I mean it!) and it introduces only as much technical and scientific machinery as is absolutely necessary. There is no other quantum mechanics book quite like this one.

From Marc's list on the philosophy of physics.

Although Albert has a PhD in theoretical physics, this book is written with a philosophical audience in mind. The theory is presented with a minimum of mathematics, and there is extensive discussion of how conscious experience might fit in to the physical picture. Albert’s style is very conversational.

From Tim's list on quantum theory and its history.

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