Power vs. Force

By David R. Hawkins,

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This classic text explores how we as individuals can move towards our ultimate potential through understanding human behaviour and enhancing our level of consciousness.

Building on the accumulated wisdom of applied kinesiology (diagnostic muscle-testing to determine the causes of allergies and ailments) and behavioural kinesiology (muscle-testing to determine emotional responses…

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This book was a game-changer in helping to understand how quantum physics interacts with human behavior. It is a dense book with a great amount of research and science. That said, the point of the book is to explain, in an easily understandable way, how the practice of applied kinesiology can help guide us through life’s journey to discover simple truths.

I was introduced to this book back in 2009, and it started me on an incredible journey toward a better understanding of how the world works. It was instrumental in helping me to develop a Leadership Model in my…

This book transformed my world to understand all the inner workings of this world. Although he shares the concepts of this book as conscious technology or consciousness levels, I call it vibrations or frequencies of where we are. It helped me understand the depths of how we are all vibration and like-attracts-like.

From Vic's list on self-help on personal development.

Power vs. Force is up there as one of the most mind-expanding books I have ever read in my life. Of the nine books by Hawkins that I read, I want to give a shout-out to this one for having such a strong impact on my spiritual trajectory. Not only is the writing gorgeous, filled with heart, and easy to read, it made me think deeply about love and courage. When I finished Power vs. Force I was equally in pain that it was over and total bliss that I’d been blessed with such wisdom that has since improved my…

The first book to ever quantify levels of consciousness. This book gave me an understanding of how everything in existence has an inherent level of consciousness as well as the value in working to elevate my own. A key component of this book comes when you begin to see the amazing benefits of aligning yourself with high-level attractor patterns. Once you realize that everything has a unique level of consciousness then you realize that you want to align to the highest potential level possible. Understanding this will help you to break barriers in life and business.

From Christopher's list on leveling up spiritual entrepreneurs & artists.

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