Peacemaker's Dream

By Sue Wright,

Book cover of Peacemaker's Dream: The Story of the True First Lady of America

Book description

If you like fast paced historical fiction… this hidden gem will have you burning the midnight oil! She was young, smart and principled. They were out to get her. She never gave up… and neither did they… In a story based on fact, you will discover the heart wrenching account…

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This historical novel centers around the life of a young girl called Pocahontas, who bears witness to the colonization of Jamestown. And unlike the popular Disney version, Peacemaker's Dream shows us the real life of this amazing heroine. We see her transition from a child to an adult, while getting involved with the colonists, and find out how heavy the price of peace can be. Truly, an eye-opening experience.

From Reni's list on extraordinary women from history.

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