Out of the Crisis

By W. Edwards Deming,

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Essential reading for managers and leaders, this is the classic work on management, problem solving, quality control, and more—based on the famous theory, 14 Points for Management

In his classic Out of the Crisis, W. Edwards Deming describes the foundations for a completely new and transformational way to lead and…

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Before Agile and Lean had rocked the software development industry, William Deming was busy forging this new world of work.

Out of the Crisis is predominantly a management book, but it’s really the spark that started the lightweight movement in software delivery. A key concept in the book is how to identify the work system's performance, separate from the performance of individuals.

W. Edwards Deming was an original quality and productivity expert in the US during World War II, and the important period afterward for supply chains and the US economy. His principles ring true today in a global supply chain and US economy that is often looking for easy answers to problems that can be solved through foundational principles in culture, management, and statistics. Rather than splashy, quips and anecdotes, Deming offers approaches that led to the United States becoming the world's most productive and people-centered economy in the world, but now that is lost. In reading Deming, we can gain…

The book refers to the crisis in western industrialized countries in the 1980s. It emphasizes the role of management and the focus on processes for inducing changes and improvements. Deming, a statistician and physicist by training, moved his attention to management consulting, as a necessary step to ensure results and enhanced impact. The Deming message needs to be updated to the big data analytic era. Modern data scientists have powerful analytics and immense data sets to work with. They can significantly contribute to their organization’s bottom line by improving quality, productivity, and competitive performance. Deming’s book provides a context for…

From Ron's list on how numbers turn into information.

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