My First Book of Quantum Physics

By Kaid-Sala Ferrón Sheddad, Eduard Altarriba (illustrator),

Book cover of My First Book of Quantum Physics

Book description

Everything around us – trees, buildings, food, light, water, air and even ourselves – is composed of minute particles, smaller than a nanometer (a billionth of a meter). Quantum physics is the science of these particles and without it none of our electronic devices, from smartphones to computers and microwave…

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Fun and super clear graphics combined with straightforward discussions of complex topics make this book a hit. The writing is more expository than narrative, which will appeal to kids who love fact books and encyclopedias. Another one that both adults and kids can learn a ton from!

From Andi's list on children’s books about physics.

Now that baby is a full-on “big kid,” they are going to need some quantum physics reference material. Kaid-Sala Ferrón Sheddad has you covered with My First Book of Quantum Physics. (Okay, okay, it should really be your third book, but I’ll let it slide.) This book is jam-packed with fully illustrated facts about quantum physics and allows you to dip in and out, or just flip to a random page and start learning!

From Chris' list on quantum physics to grow up on.

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