Looking for Hope

By Mbinguni,

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“Grief has a way of cementing our feet to the ground wherever we’re standing when it hits us. It takes hard work to get unstuck from that place, but we have to be willing to dig in.”
In this coming of age tale, Mbinguni weaves a narrative about Hannah “Mouse”…

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I’ve always been an avid reader despite not having peer-aged characters who resembled or represented me when I was a child. Fast forward to when my children were little: suddenly, there existed a plethora of African-American children’s literature. With pure delight, I indulged my little ones in magnificent books featuring characters that reflected them. Want to know a secret? I read those books for myself as well as for them. Recently, when finding a young African American girl at the center of Looking for Hope, I felt a delightful connection with my inner child. Make no mistakes. The young…

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